Be certain rely on the expertise of our professional  performers  Vampires under the direction of Cirque Du Soleil  veteran co-creator  .The Vampire Circus has been providing spectacular entertainment for corporate events, gala fundraisers, private parties and music festivals  is known for delivering highly skilled world class performers, innovative unique choreography, make-up, costume and prop ideas, and a skilled and knowledgeable production crew.


Over the years, The Vampire Circus has redefined the boundaries of circus arts and live entertainment. The organization has extended its activities towards conceiving, designing and producing a wide range of truly unique experiences and prestigious upscale events for an exclusive clientele.


From intimate private gatherings to large scale corporate and public indoor and outdoor productions, The Vampire Circus Events team is dedicated to developing original content.


Constantly seeking to innovate by exploring new artistic avenues, we work closely with each client to ensure their specific objectives remain the priority throughout the creative process.


From a single artistic performance to turn key event solutions, The Vampire Circus adapts to each client’s requirements. This collaboration enhances the overall experience, provides world class entertainment and transforms each client’s event into a unique and singular experience.


The Vampire Circus is dedicated to executing at a constant and undiscriminating level of quality regardless of the scale and scope of the project.

Welcome to The VampireCircus SPecial events! Here we cater to those looking to express their lifestyles, loves, interests and obsessions. Anyone can have a party, we make sure you have the most fantastical ones.