Halloween entertainment | The Vampire Circus

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Welcome to the mysterious, tantalizing, terrifyingly and fun show of The Vampire Circus. 

a spirited journey through an abandoned cemetery where an extraordinary circus comes back to life. Populated by a motley collection of off-the-wall characters and incomparable acrobats, The Vampire Circus is a visual vortex set in a twisted acrobatic fantasy universe where, little by little, chaos and craziness give way to a true celebration at The Vampire circus. The Vampire Circus has been called a mix of circus and theater and is the result of a fusion of Tim Burton and Cirque Du Soleil, "the media mentioned us”

The Vampire Circus is a phenomenal night of live entertainment, based on the multidisciplinary skills of International performers showcasing theater, dance, and gymnastics. All of which push the physical boundaries of human performances and leave the audience amazed and astounded.

Mortal spectators will experience horrific feats of cirque acrobatics, comical audience interactions, contortionists, jugglers, acrobats and comedians, tantalizing sounds, mesmerizing illusions and catapulted into an emotional roller-coaster of fear and joy, laugher, wonder and raving cheers for a Mad Graveyard Clown.

 The show is an immersive ride through the Underworld and  Vampires. It is a family entertainment 90 minutes production comedy show suggested for all audiences Not too scary.

Be ready for the Experience!!!