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Francisco Santos

Founder Director & Creator

Francisco Javier Santos is a multi-award winning executive producer founder and show creator of The Vampire Circus. He has more than 20 years of experience creating and overseeing blockbuster live entertainment. During that tenure, Francisco Javier has been contracted to develop unique brand concepts for international special events.   Eighth generation of a family dedicated to entertainment business.  From a young age he has been active in widely famed circus shows around the world. He has traveled across five continents during a successful career performing Icarian Games, an ancient discipline known for its unique style and technique. He has taken part in numerous prestigious international festivals and also has been recognized with different awards, honors and nominations, which includes Spain’s 2009 Villa de Madrid award. He won an Emmy award in the category of "Outstanding Non-Fiction Program" for his work in the series “Fire Within.” 

Since 2002, he has worked simultaneously with Cirque du Soleil on the creation of the show “Varekai.” With “Varekai,” he has been a guest artist in the category Icarian Games, which has been seen by more than 9 million people around the world. Since the early age of four, Francisco Javier has been a horror fan. He loved reading classic Vampire stories and watching Terror films behind the sofa. Nothing much has changed throughout the years, except now he watches his favorite horror films in person from the front row of his shows.  Javier has been inspired by his passions for Circus and Horror, which resulted in the fusion of the two to create The Vampire Circus.

Lisbeth Salazar

Costume Designer

Lisbeth Salazar has had  more than 20 years a successful career as a  fashion designer, visual merchandising, special event designer,build brands, consulting, she has an eye for  business.After establishing his own lifestyle store Via Satellite in Caracas and Elite in Miami ,Lisbeth escalated his competitive abilities and built Lisbeth Salazar Consulting Agency 

( and LIVE305 Ultimate Event Experience (

In her long and – dare we say – distinguished career, lisbeth salazar has been a lifestyle boutique owner, fashion guru,special events agency owner, a creative director, a art director and build brand consulting but no matter what the position, her approach to aesthetic has remained unchanged: Design to suit the specific communication needs of the  ANY project – 

This pragmatism, along with an innate ability to push the creative envelope just far enough, has served dozens of clients quite well over the course of 18 years. Her client roster has spanned the ranks of international corporations to local start ups, with focused expertise in building products and trades, producer events and shows,, fashion and retail. As client needs grew, so did lisbeth’s skill set. While her passion lies in developing trendy and fancy designs she’s also fluent in the many nuances of business entertainment, including an intrinsic understanding of stage design

Lisbeths quirky  and creative personality, encyclopedic knowledge of everything happen in entertainment industry  within a 300-mile radius, and limitless list of great ideas make her a joy to be around…and a valuable member to our team. 

Lisbeth Salazar is known for her instincts for pop cultural phenomena, her edgy and engaging sense of style and her  proven gift for unleashing creativity,

In vampire circus she is  the  creative director, writer, producer and  santos's vampire wife.

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